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TRG International at AMCHAM International Coastal Cleanup 2011

To further cement Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Go Green into TRG International’s corporate culture and also linked to the GreenBiz exhibition we this year for the first time joined the AMCHAM International Coastal Cleanup 2011 which AMCHAM’s CSR working group again arranged. We thought this would be a great opportunity to help increase our awareness of harm to the environment and get involved to help clean up a bit of beach. Like many of our CSR events we welcomed employees and their families and so 50 volunteers from TRG International joined the crowd of 500 from Intel Products, Victoria Healthcare, Hoa Sen University, Tanner, E&Y, CMIT, AMCHAM, and AMCHAM Scholarship Alumni.

We assembled at the zoo to board the buses at 5:45 and the weather looked rather grey and gloomy, some TRG volunteers brought their guitars as they were going to stay overnight as well as keep us entertained.

The early start enabled us to miss the heavy traffic and our rest stop in Long Thang gave time for people to mix and eat and drink some more.

Follow the Intel buses our driver was told, so he did and we arrived at last after some false stops and starts at this idyllic (wrong) location, it took us a while to work out this was not 500 people, so where was everyone else? So after a bit of posing for photos we went back to the buses to rush off in search of where we should have been in the first place.

After a nifty shortcut by the bus driver we arrived late in Long Tien, a bit embarrassing given I was to give one of the opening speeches .. which had already started 😦

After all the welcoming is was down to the real business of the day to gather the rubbish. Everyone was split into teams, armed with gloves and rubbish bags and the clean-up began. The sun was baking so it was really hot work but we were cleaning up along the Long Hai beach which is really beautiful white sand so it was well worth making it more beautiful by being trash free.  After some hours the rubbish collected was weighed and then placed into the garbage trucks. In total an incredible 1,742 kg of trash was collected from this short strip of beach … personally it was great to see 500 volunteers collect such a trash mountain, but sadly its only 500 people, 5,000 would have been better given the amount of trash that unfortunately is on our beaches.

Next stop was to relax for lunch, have a bit of a sing-a-long and basically chill in the cooling sea breeze looking out to a rubbish free beach. At the same time the judges of the photo contest were hard at work making their selections.

The final event of the day was the announcing of the winners for the photo competition. There were 2 themes and 3 winners in each … 2 photographers from TRG International snapped up a Second place in one category and a Third place in the other.

More photos can be found on TRG International’s facebook page Remember ICC is an annual event being organised by AMCHAM so look at the AMCHAM site to register for the 2012 event.

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