Rick Yvanovich FCMA FCPA (Aust.)

Hard to guess from my name but I’m a Brit and a Chartered Management Accountant with 30 years of diverse experiences including: Hospitality, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Financial Services, High Technology, Defense, Manufacturing, Not for Profit, Breweries, Property Development and Professional Services and the Accounting Profession. My first overseas posting was as Finance Manager for BP China followed by a posting to Vietnam in 1990 as Finance Manager to BP Exploration. I helped established BP’s various Vietnam operations in Exploration, Lubricants and LPG and held various Finance and Directorship roles with BP in Asia. In 1994 BP decided it was time to move me back to HQ in London but London back then was rather doom and gloom and oil prices were going south of $15 … guess not a lot has changed in 2011 apart from oil being significantly more expensive. I’m a serial entrepreneur and consultant and have been directly involved in hundreds of client engagements in 39 countries and founded a series of businesses including TRG International, Profiles International Vietnam, eHotel Alliance, Genares Asia, and SelectRightDegree and others which aren’t worth mentioning given like all entrepreneurs not everything is successful.

I try to be active in the community and am currently the Chairman of the IT Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) in Ho Chi Minh City and am active in promoting Vietnam IT, inward investment to Vietnam as well as IT events and seminars.

I’m also on the South-East Asia Regional Board (SEARB) for the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) representing Vietnam and my personal crusade is to make CIMA the professional qualification of choice for finance and business.

I’ll be blogging mostly about Performance Management as it relates to improving the performance of both people and business. I’ll also be blogging about a wide range of subjects that interest me that may have nothing to do with performance at all.


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